S-3700 midi issues

Very confusing problem, hopefully something stupid and one of you guys will know exactly what im doing wrong. I’m trying to use my s3700’s with Traktor3, I’ve set the denons (updated to latest firmware) into midi mode and connected them to traktor.

First I setup the sound, got both players together as aggrigate sound cards, the left player coming from the left deck, the right player coming from the right deck. Excellent.

I downloaded those traktor maps that everyone loves, the ones that make it all light up nice. It comes as 2 tsi files naked deck a and deck b. I load deck A and The left deck lights up and controls deck A perfectly. The right deck is blank so I load the deck B mapping. No action. I reboot the laptop and turn off the decks, firing up the right deck which then lights up and controls deck B perfectly but now deck A is unresponsive.

Basically they work perfectly individually, but whichever you turn on first will work the second deck however won’t.

Here’s a little (long) video of the problem

Hello m8. You have the exact problem as my DN-S1200s.

(click to view topic) : DN-S1200 Deck-B no more recognized as a second Sound Card

So, our issue is that the second deck (no matter which one it is), is not recognized as a separate audio device, hence the conflict.

The strange thing is (as you can read in my post), that it worked perfectly up to about a month ago…

I have no idea what happened since then, but I am starting to believe it has something to do with a Windows 10 update back in December (which I can no longer uninstall).

Please let me know if you figure anything out.

Take care and good luck

As the issue is that you can’t see the sound card any more then it’s not a midi issue. Maybe take midi out of the topic title, it might be confusing people.

You just have a driver or sound card issue

So if you have been to googling windows 10 midi issue, you might try windows 10 sound card issue (since December update)

Maybe I was unclear. Soundcards working fine, it’s the midi I’m having trouble with. Seems that I had the input and output devices set wrong in traktor. Working fine now however I do have to set the midi options every time I open traktor.

Got a oldskool serato scratch live box on its way to me so that should be better

Hello again. I am not sure if this will help you at all, but in my case I uninstalled the Denon ASIO driver and re-installed everything else, and I am back to normal now. The only difference is I am now running on the windows usb audio drivers for the two decks.

Good luck and take care.

It wasn’t that, we don’t have asio drivers on Mac. It was the traktor midi settings I had wrong, input and output devices should be set to individual s3700’s but mine wasn’t. Thanks for reaching out and trying to help. This was always a helpful place back in the s5000 day’s

Glad we were both able to figure it out, in one way or the other. Take care and keep spinning!

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Using serato scratch live now, much easier!

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