Rumours of Traktors Demise / Denon to Hire the Staff

See the comment thread here:

if traktor employees are looking for work that would be a shrewd move from denon to hire the team behind the best bpm analysis in the game bar non!


I think it’s fair to say that traktor had lost the battle against serato at least a couple of years ago. They’ve had a third crack at it and still it’s just sort of plays, does a few tricks, but serato is favourite.

But lots of people these last couple of years have been switching over to standalone with those immortal words of “I just wanted to get rid of the laptop”

Traktor is not going anywhere. They got rid of stubborn people, why would Denon ship them over to NewZ when the can attract serato employees who are already there?

If traktor doesn’t open up to thrid parties more then they will become irrelevant.

And why would be a developer who’s likely to enjoy electronic music and techno want to leave Native Instruments (which makes not only Traktor but also a lot of cool audio products) and Berlin for New Zealand?

I thought the news was about the apparent layoffs/firings of NI staff from the hardware division supposedly.

This can’t justify the end of traktor. The future now comes in the form of a tablet instead of the laptop and they are slowly moving in that direction. They have a head start over pio and serato.

In this world of modern communication, denon wouldn’t have to ship them anywhere.

Traktor was ok as software goes, with serato beating it only by being around longer. It was native instruments attitudes to hardware loyalty which killed traktors market share.

I use the laptop sometimes but my iPhone, S2mk2 and traktor dj1 was getting more use. Now I mostly use algoriddim’s dj with my iPhone, my irig pro and any midi controller with midi ports.

If any demise is coming for software companies it will be from not making an app for that so to speak.

The S4mk3 is, in my opinion, the best controller on the market. It’s just they didn’t make an app for that.

I will never buy another laptop again.

Denon, if you hire any of these guys, see if the can make an app for that too. Engine prime would be geat on a tablet.