Risk of using Denon when wanting to get in the clubs?

Always been a Pioneer guy but got a bit fed up with their ways and their prices. Having been a club DJ years ago, I can remember when it was always denon gear and technics turntables. Then pioneer brought the cdjs and it all went pioneer then.

I have just bought the Prime 4 and it’s coming on Tuesday. Just started music producing again and with that want to get in to DJing again, in clubs mainly. Do you think there will be any issue of me asking for denon gear or bringing my own and connecting it? Never had to in the past as like I say most of my DJ stint was pioneer.



I have used my own SC5000 since it was released (and also the Prime 4) on clubs.


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Found any issue at clubs not wanting you to bring your own?

Not yet, I tell the club before that I am using my own gear. If there is a setup I check if it works before disconnecting and also takes picture of the clubs setup and wiring. Then it is easy to restore the clubs gear after the gig. Some clubs have a clean booth table with master and monitor cables ready for you.

Just been playing with engine prime whilst im waiting for the prime 4 to be delivered. I hope the decks are far more accurate with beat matching as the sync bpm is way off on most of my tracks. I don’t use sync when DJing but have no other choice just using the engine software.

Not quite. There are third party tools that let you keep your original workflow (for example iTunes/Music for collection management & Rekordbox for cues, loops, grids and such) and then let you create media (usb, SD, HDD, SDD) that will play in both Pioneer and Prime environments.

The times that hardware choice dictated what (DJ) software we could use are slowly but surely moving out.

What’s the problem with a Denon and the bpm then? The two tracks I’ve just put in Rekordbox were 138bpm and 140bpm. Clicked sync and they were absolutely spot on when matched and stayed matched throughout the track. Put the same 2 songs in engine and clicked sync. They were slightly out and after turning off sync and then slowing down one to get it to match and then backup to its true bpm, it stayed in sync for about 10 seconds and then started going off again. Plus the grid lines were staggered about 2mm to get them matched. Something not right there.

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incorrect bpm or beatgrids probably

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@mattprince check our this video. Maybe it will help https://youtu.be/FKR98LewV7U