Ring Leds Brightness & Settings Saved

Is it possible to control the brightness of the platter leds & for the controller or serato dj to save my settings in single led mode instead of me having to use shift & deck select every time i want this option ?


Not possible to control the brightness. Denon could update the firmware and make a single led mode default but then how many other DJs would have to change it back each time they start :wink:

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There’s a topic in Serato DJ forum, too about this so hopefully both Denon and/or Serato have either Firmware or Software update for this option.


Serato DJ -MC7000 remember jog wheel lights on/off status on program restart

I brought up this issue earlier this year:

When viewed directly above they’re a little bright but who mixes like that? at an angle they’re perfect.

Either shift key would be handy.