Rik Parkinson moves to Denon DJ 👌🏾

Heard about a new signing to the Denon DJ team.

I don’t know the guy but appears to be quality addition to the team.

Just don’t poach Pulse :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:


Don’t know him but like nonetheless!

It’s such a good news!!

Not surprising, as pioneer DJ are just an island, out on their own , not getting innovation or funds from the main pioneer brand any more for last few years.

Now that’s what you call changing your rider , big time


Pioneer DJ hasn’t been part of the Pioneer brand for some time now.

And had been its own entity the last few years when it was still owned by Pioneer.

That’s why they’ve had nothing innovative or cutting edge since the nexus 2 / and that seems a loooooong time ago

Seriously big news.

He was at every Pioneer DJ trade show (in the many years I’ve been going to them) and is immensely knowledgable of the industry. He presented at the DJ Mag awards and is respected throughout the trade. I think he is the right guy to bring in. He can obviously see the future road map and likes where it’s going.

Denon DJ. You just scored REALLY big here (but I think you know this).


It’s good news…but is it going to get Engine Prime fixed any quicker?

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Great news for Denon DJ!

Interesting Podcast by him

Worth a listen


I don’t think this guy is gonna have anything to do with fixing engine prime. Do you think a hire of this calibre will tolerate it? What he will do is to ensure that ep will at the least reach rekordbox level.

What was this guy’s handle on their forum?

Is Strategic Development Director less EE-focused than Director of Product Development?