Right way to use Sync Manager?


How does Sync Manger work exactly?

I ask just because I’ve made changes on my Go which I’ll want to sync back to Engine on my laptop, but I’ve also made changes on my laptop.

Which way should I Sync first?

Trying not to accidentally overwrite stuff I don’t want to.

Cheers :+1:

I was wondering the same, but the user manual has not answered the op’s question. On p28 it does not say if the order of operation is important.

If you know what is in the manual it would be helpful if you answered the question so that other members don’t have to search fruitlessly.

The expected use (I presume)

  1. Prep your tracks in EP
  2. Export tracks to device drive before gig using sync manager
  3. Return home from Gig
  4. Sync back changes you may have made during gig back to main collection before you start doing anything else in EP

I think you might be right, although it would be nice to have an official confirmation.

Following a session using my Prime Go I just synced some additional tracks from Engine to my device without first syncing from device to Engine. I noticed that now the option to sync from device to Engine is not available.

Yes thats expected behavior as device is now updated with collection data…nothing to sync

…but sync from device works with metadata, so if there’s metadata on the device that’s not in Engine, it should be available.

@PK, yes, that was my line of thinking as well, but it looks like it doesn’t work like that. In terms of the direction, I think i’ll sync from device to Engine first from now on. But… How does Engine handle conflicts where metadata has changed on both sides?

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