Right sided Cross Fader Bleed

I’ve been experiencing intermittent cross fader bleed with the Flex Fader

Just on the right side.

Eg I m holding the fader to the metal edge, like super firm and sound still escapes in short bursts or sometime continuously when it’s meant to cut out.

Curious to see if anyone else has this.

I have tried tinkering with the cut in settings (cut in lag has to be set ridiculously wide), making cutting less than efficient

Tried innofader as well.

I think I have a few weeks left before the mixer is a year old … warranty repair?

I am experiencing the same issue with the CH 1 Fader. If I keep it just a hair above 0 it won’t bleed. But with just the slightest nudge or heavy bass kick it will bleed. It will even start the deck if CH fader start is on.