Right Side Issues Not Working


Last night went to gig, plugged up my 7000 and the right side was not working, it lit up when i powered the unit but after it cycled the right side is dead. i sent a picture so all can see how the left is lit up but the right side jog wheel and pads are not. I am thinking Tuesday after holiday I am going to have to call and send in. Thankful i had my 4000 with me or this could have been a disaster


hello there you fixed ?


Nope they sent a new one but that still does not explain what has happened to that unit and with this one being my 3rd I’d like to get some answers


Something similar is happening to mine, but only when I push deck 4 button, Friday was warking and Sunday it ins’t.

The thing is that this is the third time it happens, first time was during a mix record at home, I had deck 2 working, so I stopped using number 4. Next time I used it, it worked fine, so I thought maybe was software problem.

Today I realised is a Hardware problem, so after Reading your post I sent a warranty claim, tahnk you very much for posting it