Right out of the box..how would YOU setup your Utility Menu on the X1800?


Interested in hearing how YOU setup/tweak your X1800 “Utility” menu…ie. Digital Out, USB Out, etc------>O R do you just run your X1800 on “factory” default? Thanks in advance for any and all input.


Great question!! Just abou to get one tomorrow myself - how does everyone setup their effects also???


The edits I’ve done are:

  • setting the colours of the pfl buttons to match the colours assigned by Serato to each track. This is unfortunate, as what I’d like to do is to be able to set the colours myself in Serato. I need to go with the ones Serato decides.
  • pfl buttons to be off instead of dimmed when off.
  • reordering the FXs to put the ones I use the most at the top.
  • bumped up the resonance of the filter FX.
  • big FX button set to orange colour

On top of this, I’d had liked to tune a bit more the FXs themselves, but this is not possible. FXs are not very customizable in the X1800 (I don’t know how it’s in other mixers as I’m coming from Traktor). Only customizations you can do is filter resonance and noise level, AFAIK.

Also, I’d like to dim the channel FX enabled LED a bit, as it’s glazing bright for my home setup.


EQ on isolation.

FX resonance on 0.

Cue headphone split other way around. Master left ear. Level somewhat higher because of my DT770.

Rest as is.


Leave the limiter off. Pad the master out at -10dB. Put the master knob at max and leave it.

I’m hoping they add a “Side” mode to the cue select in addition to Left and Right that changes based on whether ch 1 or 2 or channels 3 & 4 are selected. If you had the cue/prgm pan knob all the way to the left, that would also mean you could have both a left cue in the left ear and a right cue in the right ear at the same time. Flip it back to the right and it should bring the master in stereo back with no cues.

I would be cool with the Master knob becoming resonance as an option, too. I don’t like needing to have resonance or cue side up on the screen all the time.


I think you missed the point about “out of the box”


Other than the master pad, my two used settings are currently not set and forget, though.