Right display does work in standalone mode

Hello to all. I have a standalone mode problem as the screen on the right hangs. The song continues playing but the screen appears frozen and the play/cue buttons do not respond. Can someone advise me? Thanks in advance

I don’t know if is a hardware issue in your case but I ran in to the same problem and the culprit of the issue was the use of a slow Flash Drive.

Now I’ve seen some users upgrade there flash drive to a USB 3.0 and still runs into the issue but is because now that they have a better flash drive they try load and run a 60min mix. So far for what I have tested you can run a 60min mix on both deck using an USB 3.0 external hard drive or an external solid state drive.

In other words what I’m trying to say is: Load Firmware 1.5, prep your music with Engine 1.5 and use the fastest drive you can get. Then test again to see if you still run in to the freezing issue.

I hope it works for you and is not a hardware problem.

Good Luck


same issue here, new sandisk 64gb USB 3, firmware 1.5 prepped with engine v1.5.2 build 0009.