Rhetorical...Please, please Horizontal Waveforms

I know this has been asked for since NAMM but please, for the love of all things musical, give us Stacked Waveforms. They have to be next to each other If you are going to use them correctly.

I always mixed by ear, but got spoiled by waveforms. ALL programs put their waveforms NEXT to each other for a reason…to show when they get out of alignment.

Other than the Engine Prime software being incredibly awkward to use (why is it alway updating some mystery file in the queue?) the hardware is nearly perfect.

Veritical or horizontal…for the love of god and everything else, put them next to each other for the mix.

How did the DJ’s who worked with Denon miss this? I’m not really complaining here but please get this incredible unit a decent software(EP) and side by side or stacked Horizontal waveforms!!!

Priority 1 on next update ?


Hi Prod,

Please like the already made request by non-other than DenonDJ staff member @JWiLL himself here:

Horizontal Waveform View

The more likes, the better! :nerd_face: