RGB Waveforms

Exactly this! Okay, maybe a bit sarcastic, but that how I feel about this also. :blush:

You DON’T get anymore usable info using more colors than the 3 most obvious. Perhaps those who fancy it, should use at least a 10-band EQ capable mixer as well.

I personally never liked the overly red coloring on Serato, Traktor, Pioneer and the others who mimic each other. Even changed it to blue, where posible.

However, I get the idea to change the 3 colors to something else or to set them to 1 color, like opted above.

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Im for the original request as an option though I’m now used to the green/white/blue of Engine prime. All I need is the downbeat and now i can tell where it is.

RGB Colors as found in Rekordbox, Traktor, Virtual DJ, Serato DJ will be welcomed as a basic option.

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I had the MCX8000 for a while and tbh the RBG waveforms that mirrored the serato layout on that look very dated compared to the EP offering. The EP ones have a more modern look and flow, difficult to describe.

That being said, I do think there should be a way to choose colours for those that cannot see the full spectrum.

By that… do you still mean just a three-way split of bass, treble, mid or (as RGB can also mean thousands of colours) you want thousands of splits in the audio frequency, each shown in different colours ?

I think this definition is what people are cut and pasting and getting others confused with.

It’s called “Spectrum” in Traktor

Serato default


But again… -What - is called that…???

Hundreds of colours in the waveform allegedly representing hundreds of different frequency splits


3 colours of the users choosing defining 3 frequencies; bass, mid, treble ?

I don’t know what it’s called.

I just listed all the names it’s called by different softwares :smiley:

Im not asking for them to do anything different than the way it can be found in other widely used dj softwares

No harm in having your second option as well…for the benefit of color blind users.

I don’t see any reason why InMusic can’t add the option to replace the current selection of white, green, blue with any other colors or even all three set to black by the user. However, color mixing to 16.8 million colors isn’t occurring right now and isn’t required to resolve issues with partial color blindness.

It’'s more about leaning toward standardization across platforms. This product is still in the process of converting both CDJ and Controller users over into the Prime ecosystem. Any step you can take to make that transition easier, is a positive step to take.

That aside, I have gotten used to it now. Didn’t have waveforms for my first 14 years of deejaying and not too stressed about it anymore.

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Why should they lean towards standardisation if their solution is better?

You are falling into a well known software development trap - if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it… Meaning everything is stagnant and doesn’t move with the trends.


I found that I’m using the waveforms for amplitude (signal level or volume if you like) rather than treble or bass bits - the colours’mean nothing to me as I use headphones. Anything more than 3 or 4 colours in a waveform is just pretty and cosmetic imo, but serving no seek/find benefit

I’d be happy with waveforms being just a single colour. Having that single colour match the platter colour of each layer would be really intuitive

For the “I don’t use headphones” elitist bunch, I can see that 3 colours can be useful to distinguish an upbeat from a downbeat.

Being able to have a single color waveform that matches the platter color would be pretty cool actually. Id want a waveform more similar to the read out on my Digitakt or something similar.

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In regards to waveforms, I’m fine with the colorway.

High contrast mode would be great though for outdoors.

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I dont like how the transients are covered up by the green, it makes them more vague. Ears take care of that though so it’s not a huge issue.

What do you mean “the colorway”

You mean you find the use of three colours perfectly ok ?

And yes, it’s perfectly fine. I will say that the shapes of the waveforms as a single solid thing makes finding the transient more difficult compared to the spectral cloud-like shapes seen in traktor and serato, but this thread is about colorways and not the shape, which imo is more of a functional thing.

Wooooooow there are a lot of different lines of posts on the forum about the same thing : colour waveforms

I replied on (one of) the other posts , 3 colours is enough for me but I’d like to be able to choose what colour each of the three colours shows as.

sigh …

it should be an option … not everyone have to use it.

choose in menu what you like: 3 options would be enough

  1. normal 3 color mode
  2. 3 color mode custom (choose yourself 3 colors for bass mid treble)
  3. rgb mode (but only with 3 to 5 shades)

check mark what you like and good.


I know … let’s scrap the wave forms completely and just have some pretty Christmas tree lights scrolling past - that should be pretty enough for everyone ! :smile:

Here’s a more creative idea.

When the waveform is created. Could each of the three colours be displayed with a certain percentage of opaqueness or transparency, not as vommity as 32 colours or 64 or 128 or a few million, but it would at least show when both Bass and treble are present or when midrange and bass are present or all three etc as you’d be able to see any presence of the other two colours through the main colour


I voted everywhere there is a request for it.

I hope @overryde and others have voted here (the popular thread) for it.

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