RGB Waveforms

I would love to see RGB waveforms or the ability to customize waveform color.


They already have three colours. They might not be red &,green & blue , but yep, three colours

They do have three colors, but coming from other Deejay Software, it is strange having blue as lows. White as highs makes sense, however.

+1 as a user option ,

if the hardware can support it.


… i believe the hardware would be support Doom 1 or quake… :face_with_monocle:

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I feel the waveforms on the Prime are a bit compressed and don’t highlight all the frequencies as clear as other softwares out there. For example, looking at the same track’s waveform on Prime and comparing it to Traktor’s Spectrum, you can see the difference I think. I like that the others clearly show where a frequency is introduced and ends or blends in to the rest of the track. Traktor’s pops out at you (IMO).





With Prime, the blues are always hugging everything else…If we have RGB or not, I think we need to look at the waveforms and at the least enhance what is being offered, whatever color that might end up being.



*Note: waveform images are the starting point of the same track across different softwares.


Yes prefer traktor and rekordbox wave forms

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I don’t mind Denons waveforms but would like to see other options too


More colours wouldn’t help most I think. It’s really not gonna be helpful to know midrangey bass or trebly midrange and all that.

But being able to set our own colours for bass, midrange and treble would be good


I think the waveform shapes are what need to be changed at least in the blues. In traktor and serato etc you can get a good idea where the transients are, where as on deck and in EP you gotta kinda guess.


I think the prime waveforms are more than acceptable.

From my perspective, the only reason for more details on the waveform is to set beatgrids. Once that’s done then everything else can be snapped into place.

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This request is really for like 256 or even 16.8 million color waveforms, not replacing the simple gray-scaled 3-color blue/green/white ones with RGB directly, as you want the color mixing in between. I don’t even like moving waveforms and I’m slightly worried a larger color pallet that has to be generated dynamically will slow down the ARM RISC chip with more processing tasks that I don’t need. InMusic did advertise these players early on as being “over built”, though, so maybe they have plenty of room to grow it.

Which RISC is inside of the players?

See more here:

Thanks for this comparisson. I did not like the colors of the Prime waveforms, because they do not match the feeling or frequency of the sound. I did not know Prime waveforms were this bad. All other software do a better job at this, with Traktor looking the best in my eyes.

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The bottom three graphics just look like copycats of no originality (which is not your fault of course)

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May be a way to standardize the waveform.

I’m used to that RGB colours as well from Serato.

I believe Traktor and Rekordbox have their own original waveform colours in addition options for the RGB style.

Most people I know that use Traktor and Rekordbox switch to the RGB form…never asked them why but I assume because its more intuitive.

There is a overlap colours in Engine Prime. It makes sense as it tells you everything going on on a specific beat. If one is learning how to program beats.

Option for the standard RGB waveforms will be a nice addition.

You are right, they look very similar but personally I don’t think this is an area where one would (or arguably should) venture to be original in. Just my personal opinion. Arguments could be made about both I guess :slight_smile:


Let’s all be copycats… Multi color RGB doesn’t give me more information. It’s only fancy.

All personal opinions also. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: