Revolutionary Library Organisation System For All types of djs

What is the biggest problem of the Djs and esspecially the begginer djs?The answer is what track to play next!! I can say that the professional djs don’t worry so much about this “But” one thing they care about when they performing is to simplify their workflow esspecially to things like this. The scratch djs that are playing RnB ,pop,Reggeaton…e.t.c. there doing quick mixing most of the times and the time they have is very valuable and most of the time what happens is that they prepare their sets so they can take this stress out of them either prepare every move or just a general preparation. I Know and many people know that engine prime lacks a lot in tagging tracks compare to other softwares one thing that I would say is a very big feature you can still do it but is not an efficient way. I am a beginner dj I have prepared my music many times and I am never satisfied then I start again I know that eventually with all those preparation mistakes that I will find the best that works for me but till I get there I will miss a lot of the practice part of djing. My thoughts about this is "how cool it would be in every track you play to have “Auto Playlist” or “Intelligent Playlist” or however you want to call it ,This playlist will show only tracks that goes perfect with the current track. Here comes the question how a single playlist can do all those things or what the playlist things as a perfect don’t fit with mine perfect choices so it doesn’t work someone would say.Every choice in the playlist will be perfect in this case and I will tell you why. First because every dj individualy will map this song for example let’s say you have track 1 and you know that goes perfectly with 20 tracks of your whole collection you will map them to this specific one track so the playlist will show you the options.Just think about this, any track you play from this playlist will always work and depending on the situation or the crowds reaction you can drive your set in different ways like mapping song that will bring higher energy or lower energy or you can map tracks that can surprise tracks that you deliver different emotion.About mapping I need some help on this but what I am thinking is to put on the right side of the engine prime the mapping button. Every time you press it a small section pops up on top of this section you put the tracks you to map and the big down part of the section you drag and drop the choices.The playlist will be created by engine-os automatically.the only thing you have to do is to grid your track put hot cues on them separate them with playlists depending on the genre and map them.No tags need.if you have a gig and you know what music are you playing just move those playlist in your usb and you’re all done!!!one thing that I like from that the most is that you can freestyle safely no other company has this feature and will attract a lot of new upcoming djs

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