Response with delay on channel faders

I noticed a small delay in response of channel faders when they are on top of the volume and must go down slowly for the mix.For example let’s say that the top of the volume channel is 10 when i move down the fader in MC6000 MK2 when reach the 9 level of volume that time it start moving in virtualdj (from 10 going down).Is there anyway to fix this because with other controllers (HERCULES RMX2 BLACK for example)the response has no delay! Thanks

Check the faderCurve setting in VDJ as it controls the type of fade on the volume sliders.

Could just be a dead zone at the top of the line faders on the controller too of course.

i try the three options (0,0.5,1.0)but nothing changed.I think that maybe it’s your second tip…just a small dead zone at the top of the line faders…

Must be, especially if the other board works as you want it to.