[RESOLVED] Headphone monitoring vanishes

On loading a track and pressing play I can hear the tune playing in PFL headphones, no problem at all. If I press Pause to fine tune or set a CUE point and rock on a beat using the jogwheel the sound vanishes from my headphones. Am I doing something wrong lol???

Vinyl mode on?

Do you use the top of the platter?

Did you take the foil of the platter?

Hi Reese. I must confess I haven’t taken the foil off the platter as yet. This is probably the answer. I’ve tried Vinyl Mode on and off. Will try as soon as I get in later. Thank you.

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Okay. Let us know.

It was the foil causing the issue. Thank you once again.


It should be a sticky topic, but “The Foil” will definitely return for a new episode / Prime-user. :joy::+1:t2:

There’s also a different between the Prime units and other gear you may be familiar with - When paused, nudging doesn’t produce a sound. If you want to scrub when paused, just use the touch platter.

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