[RESOLVED] Corrupted BPM

Loaded a track that had not been analyzed. Started playback and adjusting with jogwheel. Analysis determined the wrong bpm. Track is 127, Prime4 unit detected 106. Not sure how to change from within the Prime 4.

FM 1.3.1

  • **Steps to Reproduce: Tried a few other not yet analyzed tracks. Loaded them, pressed play while analyzing and moved jog wheel around. Was not able to re produce.

The bug itself is not a problem, however we must have a way to change the BPM, by tap, or manual entry.

Ideally, a long press and hold that brings up song info would be a great place to manually make all changes including comments.

Will attempt to capture issue on video.

You’re right about this. Although No software or firmware reads every tracks bpm 100 percent correct 100 percent of the time.

A couple of points though. When you “discover” something that’s not how you are sure it absolutely must be…

A) have a search of the forum - the chances are, the thing that you discovered recently , has been described in great detail on the forum already by someone else

b) the denon forum runners have issued a specific section of the forum and a specific list of headings which they want filled in about “what happens, what did you expect to happen, does this have workaround, etc” so that they can replicate what you’re seeing, using the answers given to their headers

That aside, yeah, we’ve been hoping for a Manual dial in or tap in of bpm for a while, especially those playing drum n bass which easily gets Mia-calculated by 30% or so, but other important things have been added first.

Hi @Robert,

Thanks for your feedback.

This is not a bug but our current BPM algorithm. We are currently in the process of making improvements to this and are also looking to add manual BPM change directly on our Prime Series hardware.

Below is the feature request for manual editing.

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