[RESOLVED] Album Artwork not loading into Engine Prime/Prime 4

  • Software or Firmware Version: (1.2, 1.3.1, etc…) 1.3.1

  • Steps to Reproduce: (Turn on unit, press button X, etc…)

Add .mp3 with album artwork attached to metadata

  • Expected Result: (ex: It does X…)

Artwork displayed on job wheel window/within prime software

  • Actual Result: (ex: It does Y…)

It does not display even when re-importing track data

  • Reproducibility: (ex: Happens 1 out of 10 times.)

Happens 10/10 times

  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: (ex: Plugged into a Windows 10 laptop.)

  • Operating System & Version (if applicable):

MacBook running OSHS 10.13.4 Engine Prime Version

  • Link to Video Repro:

Hi @msanders7, could I please ask are you dragging these direct from the HD into Engine Prime?

Also, once imported right click on the file and select RE-IMPORT TRACK INFORMATION and see if that helps.

Thanks J

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These tracks are directly from my internal SSD in the prime 4. I loaded them to the SDD by dragging from my engine prime collection. I have already went through and clicked on re-import and had no success that way either. As pictured I have verified that the metadata does actually include the image on the SSD itself. All other programs are reading the images with no error including finder.

Hi @msanders7, if you don’t see the artwork in Engine Prime then you won’t on the SSD so this has to be something within the transfer to EP.

Can you send me 4-5 track that you are having this problem with and I’ll see if I can replicate here.

Thanks J

Will do I should be able to do that later tonight.

thanks @msanders7

Sorry for the delay, been a busy week… Here are a few tracks that have artwork that are not displaying within prime.


Hi @msanders7, just downloaded these and added to Engine Prime and the artwork appears ok.

I’d suggest re-installing Engine Prime and clearing out the database to ensure it’s a fresh install.

I hope this helps.

Hmm… That’s really strange. The only problem I have is the time it would take for me to do this all over again. I imported the crates from serato and there are thousands of tracks in those crates. I’m thinking there has to be a reason its not reading those tags. Is there a simple fix we could apply to the .db instead?

EDIT: I will do some checking on my end when I get a chance this week. The only thing that really throws me off is that most of these tracks had album artwork prior to being imported into engine prime, these five tracks in particular were downloaded directly from amazon and had the album artwork from the beginning. The majority of tracks in my playlist that don’t have album covers come from BPM supreme and should have the “B” logo in its place. I could understand that if the artwork wasn’t attached to the file prior to importing into engine. I would imagine that the database would have a row for y/n on album artwork. I also don’t understand why right clicking and selecting reimport wouldn’t resolve the issue.

If all else fails I will backup my database and reinstall engine prime with a fresh one. I’ll keep this thread updated with my progress, let me know if you think of anything else on your end. —————

EDIT 7/3

I have uninstalled and reinstalled engine prime, deleting all files including databases from the file folders which store the music. I am still having the same issue. I have noticed that random tracks have artwork, but 90% do not, even when re-importing track information.

I am on a MacBook running High Sierra 10.13.4

I am able to view album art for the same files within finder as well as within Serato with no issues… There has to be an issue with Engine Prime.

Thanks for this update @msanders7, I’ll review with the tech team and get an update for you ASAP.

Regards J


Hi @Jay_DenonDJ Have exact the same issue right here. Running on a MacBook Pro with OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 In rekordbox, ITunes and in finder, art work shows up without problems.

Removed Engine Prime, removed all DB files, re-installed, re-imported everything… no luck. As msanders7 mentioned, 90% of the imported tracks have no artworks, some of them are ok.

Also when in Engine Prime you go to the Rekordbox Library and you right click on a playlist, and choose an import as playlist/crate, you loose the artwork as well in that Rekordbox library.

KR Steve

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Thanks for letting me know @SteveM, I’ve made the team aware and will update when I can

I’ve had a thought, try selecting all the files with no artwork, right click and select RE-IMPORT TRACK INFO - does this help?

No. It does not. It is worth noting that all of these tracks were imported from serato, the other person imported from rekordbox


Noted - thank you.

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Album artwork is imported as the very final process during collection imports. Is it possible you may have canceled or interrupted the process before it completely finished?

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No, I don’t believe that to be possible. I actually went as far as erasing everything off the drive and uninstalling engine prime. Loaded a few crates back up to test and nothing. I have also tried manually putting the tracks on the SSD without importing from serato and nothing. I’ve only gotten one track to display album artwork, the rest do not display.

Could you zip and upload a few tracks for me to test in my environment?

Please add 3 tracks that contain album artwork in the meta data (confirm in iTunes) but do not show in Engine Prime/PRIME 4, and also the one track that does show the artwork. Please edit the end of the file names with _art and _noart. Link for upload below.


Thanks for your help!

I will upload the track that displays artwork asap…


I have created a new folder within this drive link.

Track with artwork https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HfPN86GaRDMtygqNPVpdmMEhwUl2-WeQ

Tracks without artwork https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yGbFDWmCSxYJiIXpdrGMuT39298ZzcKI

Hope this helps…

Thanks for the links! In my environment artwork for all tracks is working as expected in both the application and on PRIME 4.

Engine Prime v1.3.1

PRIME 4 v1.3.2

I simply dragged the files from my Finder window into Engine Prime.

The only difference I can see between our setups is that I am running a later version of Mac OS, 10.14.5.

I don’t like to recommend system updates but I’m at a loss as to what could be happening in your environment.