Resetting played state

Is there a way that I missed on the player to reset the “played” state of a track?

In other words, after you play it and it turns to green, is there a way to set it back to “unplayed”.

Sometimes I preview tracks for a while, and they get marked, but I intend to play them again later. I’ve always done this in Traktor, would be nice to be able to do it on the deck.

Forgive me if I missed it!


At the moment, the reseting of the green “played” marker is only available via Engine Prime.

I have added a request to our Developers team list for the played marker to be resettable via the SC5000 screen. Not every feature request will make it to firmware, but it’s on the list for the teams consideration etc.

Slightly off topic, but any news on firmware updates?

No major problems, but some stuff like Mojaxx also mentioned in his review can be handy (show own logo only if no album pic in tag, for instance)


Where is this green “played” marker exactly? I’m in Prime now and I am not seeing it.

I played a show last night & this morning I threw the drive on the laptop & synced with Prime on the computer to update any new cue points/etc, but when I put the drive back into the SC5000, the songs I played last night are all still grey.