Reset Soundcloud account

I recently had to change my Soundcloud name, and now when I try to use Soundcloud on my SC6000, the players say unable to connect…

I’ve reset all settings in the player as well as logged out of all devices on the Soundcloud website… Any tips or info would be much appreciated.

I think login details are stored on the removable media your library is on.

I’ve tried removing the flash drives. Still doesn’t work…

Hi guys, I actually had this same and very frustrating issue, but found a resolution. This has to do with SoundCloud and Denon not properly syncing and not allowing the user to access Soundcloud settings. While unconventional, it works:

  1. Download the 1.5.2 version firmware and update (most likely a downgrade for people) your device.
  2. Once it’s updated, try the same method of logging into your soundcloud account. For some reason it allowed me in despite my Soundcloud account no longer synced with Denon.
  3. More importantly, this provided me access to the settings cog on the bottom left. Log out of your current and faulty account.
  4. Sign in with your new/updated Soundcloud account
  5. Update your firmware to the latest version. All should be fine now.

Good luck and cheers!

-Fellow Denon DJ, Rob Stolls

Where can i find a link to the 1.5.2 firmware?

Under Denondj downloads → click on your device → “Looking for older versions for (your device), click here”.

Otherwise, here is the link: Archived software downloads, manuals and documentation - Denon DJ

Unfortunately the oldest version listed for me with that link is 1.6.0.

From what I find online, you can try downgrading to the 1.6.0 version and see if that works instead. Try that, should be harmless.

If you have a Denon 4 Prime or something else, the Info File shows other devices 1.5.2 does work for these units. To be safe, you can confirm with a Denon rep and double check if this ok/safe.

I wouldn’t go below V1.6 as they was removed because some users had problems when downgrading that wasn’t easily fixed.

I’d definitely sit on 1.6 and see if anyone at Denon DJ can help.