Resale of denon x1800

Hey all,

I bought the X1800 from Juno at the beginning of April…but TBH I think I am ready to get a Rane MP2015 instead.

Do the denon hold their value for resale please? Anyone know?

thank you :slight_smile:

Check the usual spots GumTree, Ebay.

Another option is trade in…not sure if Juno offers this.

You should still be within your return period. Contact Juno.

Really? I didn’t realise that!

I think its 30 days sale or return. Not 100% sure though.

Oh well it was the start of April

Have you checked out the Mastersounds mixers?

I have seen them not heard them but I have my heart set on the digital rane rotary

The Mastersounds are rotary too.

Analogue though, aren’t they?

Looks like it - yes. Its got valves, so must be.

DJCity gave it a rave review for sound quality.

Juno goes on a case by case basis. Ive made a return after almost 3 months with a restocking fee (which still ended up being a better value than reselling).

Thats really good service…

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They dropped the price 800 bucks and now are coming out with the Prime 4 that further undercuts early adopters of their flagship models. What do you think? Hah hah. If you don’t want it as your first choice mixer and can’t return it for the original full price, you might as well keep it as a backup if you can afford an MP2015. Two VERY different mixers. Completely different sound, features, functions, feel, etc. Also, the MP2015 is not perfect, and I don’t even know if it’s going to get any more firmware updates. Would be nice if it did. The X1800 is still being updated and is kind of a work-in-progress.

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Reverb would be a option to sell if you decide to go that direction. Way better then eBay, a lot of scammers there.

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Thanks for the advice…

They said refunds are only 14 days but if it’s in mint condition they would give me the £1045 off another mixer!

Just need to hear the rane and decide if it’s for me!

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