Request beta tester for sc6000

after years of using sc5000 and now sc6000 where can i ask to become beta tester … i would like to grow denon even more …

For this public beta you don’t need ask. Just download the files and install.

but where can I see … and sign up to apply?

You don’t need to sign up - and you’re posting in the beta forum area.

Private beta is not currently open to new testers. Public beta is different from private beta team. Denondj offered some “official beta tester” slots about a year ago, I believe.

Private beta is always open for new testers, but one is expected to actively participate in the beta test and by signing an NDA as well.

Active participation on the forum might help in the approval to join, but you don’t need to be a DenonDJ preacher.:relieved: Constructive criticism: yes please!

On the X1850 mixer beta there was a separate inquiry for new owners to join a test group.


This just goes to show how little we actually know. People thinking it’s closed when it’s open.

Some more info would be nice. Do we sit and wait to be chosen, or do we need to apply (if so, where/how)?

I understand. While it’s not closed, the past years showed that the procedure needed to be adjusted to really get info from the team. It might feel closed, but that’s because it requires some paperwork to ensure actual results.

In 2017 (when I joined), I was added after a “Can I? Yes, sign. Okay!” conversation. :wink:

If you’re really motivated to participate, a DM to @JWiLL wouldn’t hurt. To be clear, I have no say in whether or not a member can join to the beta program. So, the door might be “closed”. :smirk:

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Hi All,

We will soon allow new members to the Private Beta team. For the next round, we will be looking specifically for users who own SC6000/M, PRIME 2, or PRIME GO. We will make a dedicated post about this where you can apply if interested. Thanks!


Oh well, that’s me excluded. :cry:

Let’s say they included the owners of the latest hardware.

I just hope that the upgrades will be released for the Prime 4 as well! :thinking: