Replacing crossfader in Prime 4

Hi everyone, so I bent my Prime 4’s crossfader while trying to pack up

This is how it happened

( I have an Odyssey flight case, I always use my prime 4 in standalone mode so I tend to remove the laptop stand completely so while trying to pack up I slipped the laptop stand in the reversed position and while trying to close the case I experienced some difficulty and when I realized my mistake and switched the laptop stand to the right position, I noticed all that pressure bent the crossfader. Surprisingly it still works fine. But I would like to upgrade the crossfader anyways)

So here’s my question, what crossfader would be completely compatible with the prime 4 in terms of proper integration (fader start, fader reverse and totally disabling the crossfader) wouldn’t wanna loose any features. I know innofaders are industry standard but then I’ll love great suggestions from anyone who has tried to replace their crossfader.


I belive a innofader would do, but original is the best option to be recommended.

ORIGINAL IS OUTTA THE PICTURE BRO We don’t have support stores of any sort here in Nigeria. I went through so much to get my prime 4 down here anyways cos no one shipped to Nigeria at the time, had to ship to my sister in the UK and wait till she visited, she ended up paying tax and excess luggage charges lol

What version of innofader should I consider as I can’t find prime 4 parts on Amazon and inno is more superior anyways

Importing ?

Just get your sister to buy a few crossfaders in the UK and bring them over next time she visits

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Just out of interest, where do you get spares for Denon kit in the U.K.? I need some new fader caps for my X1800 and can’t find anywhere to get them from!!

Send an email to Elliot at Innofaders, he will give you options

Thanks so much brother :pray::fire:

I found on facebook that inno fader mini fits and works.

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Thank you so much brother. Hopefully I can get it shipped Regardless of the Corona situation