What is the direct replacement for the MCX8000, is it the 4 channel prime4?

Yes basically. But it’s a lot more expensive and doesn’t have seamless transitioning between midi and standalone.

Yes. The Prime 4 is the way to go.

It’s quite simple to feed some audio into one of the mixer inputs though, if you really do need to switch during a gig. The mixer doesn’t cut out when rebooting. You can use the mic too at a push, if you’re foolish enough not to have a backup music source. :+1:

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The Prime 4 is the next generation improving on innovations introduced with the 8000. Both decks have pros & cons, with the biggest being the cost and processor strenghts. I’ve had the 8000 since it’s release. It’s bare-bones and works well for my purposes. The Prime 4 gives you many more processing power, wifi streaming capability, 4-channel standalone, querty search, and more.

Check out my review of the 8000: