Replacement Faders and loose fader caps


hello, anyone know where replacement faders for the x1800 can be purchased? Also I have a loose fader cap on the flex fader that I can’t seem to get tight, any suggestions on getting a snug fader factory fit?


I asked that question way back when. I want(ed) different type faders in the mixer, but they are probably not easy changeable. For now I changed only the fader caps for vertical ones (like a studio mixdesk).

The crossfader should be easier to change entirely. I did not change the cap on the crossfader btw, but will probably take it out completely in the future. Just need a nice and somewhat same looking piece of metal.


Anyone know where i can purchase a replacement fader? Just want to have a spare one if needed.


too… thanks :blush:


I think channel fader replacement is difficult, because it seems to be soldered on a PCB. I would like it to be a better version of a channel fader: TKD or ALPS brand.

Cross fader would be no problem and looks to be replacable.

Fader caps I did already replace with vertical (studio console like) knobs.


yes, i am referring to buying an additional cross fader. It’s replaceable from what the user manual says.


I would like a DenonDJ blind panel for the crossfader to take it completely out!!


would like that too !!