Replacement Audio Cable

crisHi, I’m looking for a replacement cable to link my computer and MC6000MkII controller but want to avoid the possibility of getting a second rate Ebay cable that will not last. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Did you mean audio cable or USB ?

For USB I’d simply suggest a cable as short as possible - and get two - any cable can go wrong, get trodden on during setup etc so a spare makes a lot of sense

Hi its the cable that looks like a printer cable, ie it has a squareish connector to the Controller and a USB connection to the computer, with a funny cylindrical bit as part of the cable.

Well, these are the best you can probably get but there is no objective need to get them, any quality ones will do (that have thick isolation, ferrite choke at the end (“funny cylindrical bit”)). Wi-Fi routers supplied by your internet provider often have in-box a very hi-quality 1.5-2m usb cable (usually blue colored) that’s a perfect choice :wink:

Not sure I have seen any WiFi routers with supplied USB cables though. Especially since hooking up anything with USB to a router (typically an external hard drive for NAS purposes) is not “standard” but a bonus feature. What they do usually come with, in blue or yellow or red and a host of other colors depending on the brand, is a network cable :slight_smile:. This would clearly not fit for USB purposes.

I agree with the notion that buying 'high-end" USB cables is not really necessary. But getting a sturdy cable is a good option to avoid mechanical problems like cable breaking or bad connectors.

Too lazy to do a photo myself, this is what google found. Supplied with every usb port equiped router. Best bang for buck (considering you pay your friend a beer for a cable he doesn’t need). On par quality with Croma Cables I would say (minus the ferrite choke but hey, it’s under 2m so not a problem).

Nice. I install about 20-30 a year (various brands and models) and have never found a USB cable in any of the boxes. Network cables? Yes. Phone cables? Yes. USB? Nope … but hey, never to old to learn, I say!