Repeatable Bug (Germany) importing songs from Serato

I have realized that if a song title or an interpret name includes special characters like „ä ö ü ß“ etc. this songs won’t show up in crates / playlists if you open the Serato library in Engine Prime. Funny wise the same playlist used in iTunes (opened in Engine Prime) will show up correct.

For US / UK no problem - but I am form Germany in this region of the world this characters are used quit often :slight_smile:

As already commented in another post in my case crates will show up anyway only if prepared without any substructure - which means totally flat (all on level 1) - which is a nightmare btw.

Im using a MAC 10.11.6 El Capitan

Hi Cmaar. Have you had a chance to try Engine Prime 1.1 yet? Give that a try and let us know whether the special characters, if used in Serato crates/playlists, is still showing as a problem for you. Thanks