**Repairing Prime 4 DIY** NEED HELP LOL

I’m going to be making a few repairs in the near future on my Prime 4. A lil back story I got my device from a crackhead on Facebook marketplace lmaoooo… the unit is missing the crossfader, USB B Port, Headphone jacks and probably every tiny screw possible. Also literal dents on the platters?!? This unit was in rough shape when I go to it. Regardless I got a cheap running prime 4 but I cannot get the full functionality out of it until all of these things are repaired. I’ve already purchased a mini inno fader for replacement but struggling to find the other parts to repair this device. Crackhead also put a skin on the whole device so it looks kinda trashy! Need to replace or take it off any advice on any of these topics would be greatly appreciated.

I do not have a warranty or anything of the sort so I’m raw doggin this one and hope that I can receive help online and in person from a few friends!

I’ll take some pictures when I’m home next week to show how wild this piece is! :sob::joy:

Feel free to hit me up anytime I work midnights so my time management is a lil wonky! This is the new community project! :loud_sound::loud_sound:

damn good for you to trying, you sure its going to work once items you mentioned are fixed? Can’t wait to see the pics :open_mouth: good luck!!

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Not a clue it’s 100% a shot in the dark! They spilled some ■■■■ on it forsure so overall it’s gonna be a learning process and hopefully a successful one! If not I guess I’ll be stuck having to upgrade hehehe :sunglasses:

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Good luck, unfortunately it looks like there are no service manuals available “on the internet” (not even on those Russian sites…) for any up-to-date Denon DJ gear. For Pio you can find all of them… of course not officially.

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You’d be surprised what you can get if you ask ever so nicely. I asked Denon back in 2014 (under DM holding) for a service manual for the 3700 and I was emailed it. Had all the part numbers and diagrams I needed to fix.

Give them a try


Bought this from Highland Park, Mi for 500$ It’s fucked up. Bought a crossfader on Amazon but the unit is missing an adapter that was under where the crossfader was and the top plate with the notches on it. Tough luck here!

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Several dents/scratches on the platters. (After Calibration they are on point) 256gb Sata drive installed held up by grip tape (■■■?!) In search of (1) underside panel please link me if you see any! :joy::sob:

Hi, did you change any buttons? im wondering how to replace the internal cue switch buttons. any advise? how do i open it from top or bottom? thanks.

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Hi. Only from the bottom. You unscrew all the screws from the bottom, rear and front on vertical walls. From the top, you only need to unscrew the caps from the potentiometers.


That hurts heart to see this poor little device. It was treated so bad :frowning: How can anyone do such a damage to a 2000bucks unit ?! Good luck at your adventure on this device.


Seeing that physical state…




I bought a mini inno fader pro on Amazon but I’ll still need the cable (Red/White in image) that connects from the controller to the adapter to the fader. It was in the DJ80 video I watched on YouTube. But was not included when I bough the controller. Also in need of the face plate for on top of the inno fader. (Black piece with white notches) I’ll attach a picture of both items below if anyone can link me or point me in the right direction for parts!

Welcome to the rabbit hole :upside_down_face:


Hope you have a hot air gun, soldering iron and circuit board cleaner.

I can’t wait to see what the inside of the unit looks like. Good luck.

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This is were we are so far, the buttons seems to be the same as numark and the old denon controllers, low profile. but i my case i leave in Tenerife - Spain and is hard to finde them and to longe to wait, so im planning to change the CUE and PLAY/PAUSE with Censor and Sleep, like this im sure no more troubles for a while until i get the right new ones.


Drug abuse :joy::joy::sob:


After seeing those pics…I went over to my prime 4 to give her a hug and a kiss to make sure she knows she’s loved…:heart_eyes::heart:


You better hold her tight, The Grinch takes at night :eyes:

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Oh. My. GOD!!!

I’ve never seen a board so abused!


  • You should be able to order knobs, caps, and screws from Denon DJ Support
  • Perhaps you can find another donor Prime 4 for other missing parts, or
  • Search online for generic USB ports, etc.
  • Check out 12InchSkinz.com for a wrap to improve the appearance.

Good luck :pray:

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rofl crackheads they do some weird and unfunny stuff you did sterolize it first didnt you??

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Absolutely! 99% on everything lmao :rofl::sob::sob: