Removing a track from a crate

Just setting up a new Prime 2 with tracks on an SD card. How do you remove a track from a crate? Someone the Prime 4 forum asked the same and the solution was to select the pen icon and select the circle on the track track and swipe to the left. Tried that and nothing happens. Holding down on the track doesn’t help either. Second question. Playing a track from the SD card adds it to the crate. Any way to stop it doing that? Or is that the way it is? Any help appreciated.

Press the Pencil Icon, don´t select the track via dot only swipe to the left. You now see a red information … Remove from Crate. Move further and then release.

Thanks DJDark. I’ve been trying that also and it doesn’t work for me. Is it actually working for you? Selecting the pencil icon then trying to swipe without a dot alongside the track does nothing. Doesn’t move or come up with a red warning. If I hold down on the track it applies the dot. Then swiping the track image moves but doesn’t do anything. These tracks in the crate are ones automatically added to the crate when played from the SD card. Should that matter? Is there somthing I need to turn on so this works? Thanks for replying.

Seem like you are in the very top crate (This is the complete view of all tracks - this is more a library than a crate.). There you can´t delete tracks with a swipe. You have to enter a real crate so it is highlighted in blue. In this crates you can add or remove tracks. At the moment it is not possible to remove tracks from the library (only with Engine Prime Software).

Ah. Thanks DJDark tried that and it worked. Problem solved. Thanks so much. New rules and restrictions to learn it seems.

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