Remove Streaming Accounts

Is there a way to remove the streaming accounts on the prime 4? I think it is logged into my old Soundcloud and I cannot stop it trying to connect.

This is a flaw that Denon have so far failed to rectify.

The settings icon (cog) is only visible once you’re logged in - so if you cannot log in for any reason, you can’t access the settings!

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Same issue on my Prime Go. No one is answering questions, Denon or Soundcloud. Disgusting customer service.

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I thought changing the firmware would kill it but that doesn’t work either.

Did you try the Computer firmware update method. I think that wipes everything. That has been my own observation on the 5/6000M

The usb img method keeps settings.

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I just tried it, also back to 1.6.0 and the new 1.6.1, neither cleared the settings though.

I got the same problem a few months ago. I downgrade to 1.5.1. In this version soundcloud don’t stucks in loading the login, just in loading your tracks and playlists. So you got kind of a fake login and can use the logut buttom to reset your account.