Reloop Neon doesn't work.

Hello, I’m brand new to all of this so don’t laugh. I have an MC4000, paid for full Serato, using Windows10 (pentium i5). I just bought a Reloop Neon to add to this beast but I cannot get it to work. Serato help is beyond slow. Any ideas?

Also does anyone know why when you use the FX knobs you don’t hear the effects in your cue (headphones)?

Thank you, Rob

Whilst it’s not one of our products, its specs advise that it has “4 channels”.

Assuming that it means that it can talk to Serato over 4 different MIDI channels, to avoid conflicts, then you could look up in the instructions, how to change MIDI channels. Usually the ability to change midi channels is offered by an add-on product so that it can be allocated a “free” midi channel which isnt used already by existing midi gear.

I have no idea what you just said…


I figured it out! Reloop shipped the Neon with a USB cable that has TWO usb ends on the one end. One of these ends does not transmit data. Its for “additional power”. MAN i spent to much time on this hiccup. Hey Reloop, pease add literature about this in the box.


Ok, if a product is provided with a USB Y-adaptor lead, its usually because the device needs more power than a single USB port on a laptop can give out.

Glad you got it working though.

Every so often the Neon seems to glitch and make my Denon controller do very weird things. (like play music on the other side of the slider). I have to keep rebooting the neon. You mentioned that the extra USB cable is usually for more power. Can i simply plug that into a USB charger (like a phone charger?) Im worried it might damage my laptop if i apply power from an external power supply when plugged into my laptop. Or is the extra USB plug for another port on the same computer?

Thank you very much, Rob