Reloop Function (where is it?)

Hi all,

QUESTION; Is there a Reloop function on the SC5000/SC5000M

explained: If you create a loop by pressing the loop knob you can exit the loop by pressing it again. BUT: Now I want this loop to be relooped, how do I activate it? There is no reloop button. I know this is possible if you first save the loop by pressing a loop button.

any suggestions? Thanks in advance

Change Your pads to LOOP mode and when You make a loop via loop knob, then press the empty pad to save the loop. Then always You can jump back to that loop by pressing the pad with previously saved loop. You can save 8 independent loops per track.

Yess. I think everybody is familiair with that. Including myself.

The situation is:

  1. Press loop knob tot create a loop.
  2. Press loop knob again to exit the loop.
  3. Now I want to reloop… How?

If you pause after exit the loop and scroll back you see the loop markers are stil there…

So this has nothing to do with the performance pads. Still any suggestions? Or is this simply not possible?

He’s just told you how to do it. If you’re familiar with it, then what’s the issue?

Answer = use the pads.

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I was wondering if i missed something. It’s clear now. Thanks for all fast response

I hope one day this will be implemented, I suggested it back in 2017:

  • Re-loop (by holding Shift + press Auto Loop), could also be used to stutter Loop In point.
  • Dual Loop (to create and activate a secondary manual loop (same as Loop In and Loop Out, but now by holding Shift + Loop In and Shift + Loop Out). Could be used to create a loop inside a loop, or a secondary manual loop without losing first manual loop).

Mainly interested in the re-loop also (without the pads, but always available for every last loop)


Well I found half a solution.

  1. Press loop knob tot create a loop.
  2. Press loop knob again to exit the loop.

then you have 2 options:

  1. You can go back to the beginning of the loop by pressing “cue” (music stops).
  2. Press “out” (below loop knob). It instantly starts playing from the beginning of your loop point until the point where you pressed “out”. What you did now was create a longer loop with the same starting point.

NOTE: Make sure in preferences: “Move Cue To Loop In” is set to “ON”.

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