Relocate Missing Tracks

Hey there. We need to the ability to relocate missing tracks in the database. Currently, you are unable to re-organize your file structure due to the tracks not being able to be relocated in Engine Prime.



This is another fundamental.


I have a couple tracks that I know 100% are in the folder yet EP says they’re missing when I look in the folder in the built in file explorer. Being able to tell EP “hey the file is right here silly” would be nice.

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yes good suggestion and find double track in playlist an move engine database to another drive

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This is really essential, its the main reason im still on rekordbox!


I really need help with this!

I just moved all of my music off of my computer onto an external SSD that will travel to all the gigs.

Engine Prime can’t find any of the tracks.

How do I point it to a new directory?!

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Since this feature does not yet exist, you’ll need to put the tracks back in the original location, or start fresh by deleting the Engine Library folder (Music/Engine Library) and re-add them from the external drive.


so… i’ll have to re-analyze 11,000 tracks?

and will all my hot cues be lost?!

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we super duper need this! …like yesterday


If you remove the Engine Library folder, you will be starting with a brand new clean database. Since Prime hardware analyzes on the fly, you can skip this step in the software by disabling the auto analyze feature in the preferences.

If you set the hot cue in Engine Prime, yes they would be lost. If you import from 3rd party library you’ll be good.


omg. that’s the worst news i’ve seen all day, and i already did my time on reddit.

i did everything in Prime because the 5000m is my first and only “media player”

is this something that Denon is working on?

I will have lost like 50 hours of work with the hot cues going missing


If you’re willing to get dirty with SQL you can open up the engine database and manually change the file paths - if you kept the music folder structure the same and only changed the location of the root music folder the SQL update statement needed is actually rather simple (example below - moving from C drive to D drive).

UPDATE table_name
SET column_name = REPLACE(column_name, 'C:\', 'D:\')

Don’t forget to copy the database to another location before attempting this, so you can always restore your current version if it goes wrong


looks like I’ll be getting dirty!

I made a Feature Request for the doubles highlight/show doubles - check it in the main menu of Feature Requests for EP

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HI Jonny, I don’t use sql but can learn. Could you tell me how to get to the engine database And also is there way to change individual folders? (not root)

To connect to the database I use SSMS but that’s because I work with Microsoft SQL server databases on a day-to-day basis, I wouldn’t recommend it just for this purpose - it’s a fairly heavy piece of software.

I’m sure if you Google along the lines of “sqlite editor” you’ll find some nice freeware.

To change individual folders it’s pretty much the same update statement, except the replace part will go from the old folder location to the new one.

Engine Prime is supposed to work also with non Prime series hardware, like MCX8000, and so, deleting the library folder it’s not a very pleasant prospect.

Why the **** are such fundamental features not implemented (amongst many others)…

Denon need to get their priorities straight, and focus A LOT more on the software. It lets the amazing hardware down so much!

You haven’t been paying attention lately? Beta group expansion etc. You perhaps could still enlist. Ask JWill nicely. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

En anders gewoon geduld hebben… ben het deels absoluut met je eens, maar help dan mee i.p.v. blaten.