Release 1.6 for prime 4 still beta?

I’m wondering why is it taking so long for the official release.

Because it is still being worked on…?

Is it? Then why have there been no further updates released? Usually a beta gets released, testers find problems, an update gets issued and so on.

With this one there’s been nothing, for over two months.

There are beta releases but not for public view. Beta testers and Devs are still working on it.

It’s private beta guys

Comment still stands. Why release a public beta then leave it to stagnate? If things are being addressed behind the scenes then why have the fixes not been issued (public beta 3, 4 and so on)?

It’s OK for those involved, who know what’s going on (assuming the private beta is actually progressing) but all the rest of us can see is no progress for two months.


Since when is there a certain time for anything? lol, what are we even saying? Why not ask their project/product manager???


What feature are you waiting for?

track preview

I don’t give a stuff about track preview. DJs have been able to cue tracks for decades. I see no need for anything else.

More important IMO is having the mic audible in the headphones “master” signal. It’s part of the master output, so “master” cue should include it.

Being able to fully adjust the grid (BPM) on the hardware.

Fixing the FX that were broken by v1.5.

Providing a more sensible level for recording, with a limiter as we have on master output.

Ability to copy files from USB/SD to internal drive.

Display of artist (not just title) on decks (existed previously but was removed!).

There’s probably more but that’s a start.


in fact they have been working on it for quite a while on this beta. Years ago, those on the Denon team updated us much more often on the progression of updates … now they are much less present.

… and I would also add editing of track tags directly with Engine OS.

you will see that now due to the new restrictions for COVID, there will be new delays and silence.

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I think it is due to a very small dev team. But yes, we are waiting for a big upgrade and improvements.

it seems quite evident to me that Denon has understood the mistake of releasing a software that is too incomplete and full of imperfections that is leaking water on all sides. By now the hardware products are out, I think rather that a new product will be redesigned from scratch, but this time they will have to be much more precise, professional and reliable.

I’m lead to believe it’s coming very soon so probably my guess is next week for me personally the beta is perfect coming from DJing with turntables and a mixer for years spending clean fortune on vinyl.Having no updates no new features added these pieces of hardware are amazing what Denon provides us with so a few hiccups here and there I wouldn’t worry to much about.


In terms of users needs, yes, you’re right.

As far as your comments of leaky etc - I’d have said that those were fair comments about a year ago but not now. If you were expecting Engine Prime to be be Serato or Traktor or Visual DJ or rekordbox in performer laptop mode then your were expecting the wrong thing and may have let key but easily discovered research and product info pass by.

Every one of these. Literally, every one.

With so many bugs? The new Pioneer cdj 3000 includes a professional software inside the machine, definitely more stable with 2 sort columns.

Lol the pioneer 3000 has a lot of problems and pioneer don’t do much on the way of firmware releases. The 3000 has the feeling of a machine that’s 10 years old, even when you first take it out the box. If your just here to push pioneer products maybe you should consider being here less

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CDJ3000 includes a professional oldschool buggy device… I was looking on pioneer forum, and it’s flooded with complaints from many “very happy” new owners.