Relative pitch fader when pressing sync

  • What is the feature or ability you would like to have? I’d like to have the pitch fader switch into a ‘relative’ mode when pressing sync. The pitch range remains the same.

  • **How will this feature help you and others?**This will enable us to keep the pitch range low giving us more accurate pitch adjustments when using sync or beat matching tracks with large differences in bpm.

  • **Is this feature available in an existing product? If so, what product?**Yes, SeratoDj

  • **Does a workaround currently exist?**No

  • **How often would you use this feature?**All the time

  • **Is there any additional information you’d like to add?**Just to clarify how this works in Serato. When you press ‘sync’ the bpm is matched to the other deck, however it doesn’t change the pitch range that you already had selected. If you need to slow down or speed up the track, but the pitch fader reaches the end of it’s travel, you simply hold down ‘shift’ which then ignores the pitch fader movements and allows you to move the pitch fader back to get more travel. Release shift & continue to adjust the pitch as normal.


hmmm … interesting feature. so … with shift you can move the pitch fader to a position without pitching … and than, with shift released you can set your pitch value ?

that would be a very nice feature.

@DJDark - Yes that’s 100% correct. That is how it works in Serato. Fantastic feature - kinda like having an endless ultra pitch


Yes. Yes. Yes.

+1 (million)

I actually just realised that this would be a beneficial feature to have even when not using sync, as many guys that aren’t familiar with the decks think that the pitch fader isn’t working properly when switching between decks 1&3 / 2&4. When they go back to the other deck, the pitch fader is in soft take-over & the guys don’t realise it, thinking that the fader isn’t working. This could help with that as whenever you change decks, you can still adjust the pitch even though the decks percentage and fader position aren’t matching.

This idea has got three post threads for it and a total of two votes

I’m thinking that the more soft takeover becomes a hinderence - and really it’s only going to get more common a problem as more and people use multiple decks and sync and all that, then maybe it’s time to lose the straight up/down pitch slide fader and get a rotary pitch instead on decks. It would be endless and could offer different steps of increase and decrease if used with Shift

Sadly I don’t think many realise just how beneficial this would be without having actually used it. If you use Serato try it & you’ll soon see it really is a great feature. For anyone that doesn’t like it, they can just leave the feature disabled. We all win.

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This is one of those features that I’d add a vote to , when the mainstream things are sorted fully, like internal analysis of bpm, engine Prime analysis, better beat grid and downbeat detection and so on.

If the bpm, grid and downbeat stuff was a quick fix…they would have done it by now.

It is 3 years old now and counting.

That shouldn’t stop folks from liking other feature requests

Even slow fixes get fixed


I do think though, looking at the notes of what’s been in all these other firmware offerings over the last couple of years that development time and energy which could (should) have been spent on bpm, Beatgrid, downbeat etc has been flitted away on nice but less essential treading-water content


Being able to temporarily disengage the pitch fader when doing transitions is epic.

Hold the shift and easily go from 120 to 100 BPM without running out of room on the pitch range.


I highly doubt that the entire development / software team all work on the same thing at the same time.