Rekordbox USB with Engine Prime database

I’m a little stuck. I have a Rekordbox thumb drive that I’d like to use with the SC6000s (with imported Rekordbox beat grid). I want to use the drive with Pioneer gear, too.

From what I understand, it’s either

  • hooking it up to the players: Each track has to be analyzed once and no beat grid info will be taken off Rekordbox)


  • using Engine Prime 1.6 beta: Rekordbox beat grid will be sourced from the Rekordbox XML and then all playlists need to be exported onto the thumb drive. That also means that Engine Prime copies all tracks to the thumb drive again, leaving you with a Rekordbox structure + all tracks and an Engine Prime structure + all the tracks (there will be two copies of each track on the drive!)

Am I missing something or is this really the only way to have a drive that works with both manufacturers’ gear and has Rekordbox beat grids for both systems?

No one is saying that using this way you have to use the same USB drive… so no there doesn’t have to be 2 copies of the track on the same drive.

How do you achieve what I’m looking for?

He’s suggesting that you use two drives. One for Rekordbox and the other for Engine Prime.

Oh, didn’t get that :slight_smile: I’d rather have one drive!

Think you should talk to Pioneer about opening up for better usage between the 2 systems.

My bet is that Denon is doing whatever they can to make this integration work, but at some point they are limited because of what Pioneer will let them do.

The hard part seems to be reverse-engineering the database on a thumb drive (without an XML), which would help Denon a lot.

I don’t know anything about coding - but not using the same tracks on a thumb drive in two different databases seems weird. There should be just a reference to the track in both, anyway.

That is possible if You put manually the tracks on the usb and then analyse the usb stick with both programs. They will not relocate the tracks, but just create their own data bases on the stick.

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Thanks! I’ll give that a shot!

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