Rekordbox imported loops going out of sync

I have come across an odd issue, it seems to me that most (not all) of my loops imported from Rekordbox go out of sync if used with the auto sync feature.

I have made a video:

In this video the loop cue on pad 1 was imported from rekordbox, you can see me showing it slip out of sync after just 1 loop through, then I recreate exactly the same loop using the auto loop pads and save it to pad 2 this newly created loop which should be identical does not go out of sync.

I think this is an issue with the RB import it must be mico/milli secounds out.

Anyone else had this?

P.S I have also noticed this same issue on Rekordbox prepared USB’s that are imported on the players.

Hey @j141, let me check with the team on this one.


Thanks Jay, I can send DB or DB entries if required

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Thanks @j141 - this has been escalated and I’ll update you ASAP.

Regards J

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Could this be related to MP3 codecs?

Try using Flac, Wav or Aiff to out rule this.

Convert a track and check if there is that micro movement you observed

There is a report of that behaviour even with cue points.

The lads at Rekord buddy and Mix master G reported that a while back.

Hi All, apologies for the delay in responding here but this is taking quite some time to investigate! We initially believe it’s down to the data Rekordbox makes available (or lack of) that can occasionally cause this loop discrepancy. The dev team are still investigating and looking for a work around as we speak.

Will update again as soon as I have more.

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Thanks for the update Jay its not biggie as it seems to be out by such a tiny ammount it isnt noticable and if you keep pressing the sync button every now and then on long loops it pulls it back in.

But im glad you can replicate it and its being worked on :+1: