Rekordbox import stops after importing 6000 from the 9500 tracks on SCM5000m

We hade a issue that importing the Rekordbox USB drive , didnt work. Putting in the stick, showed the import pop up, when clicking ok, it started importing.,

But when the countdown from 9500 was at 3000 windows disappearded, and media selection came back.

When checking playlist, nothing was imported, so this didn;t work.

Any change of fixing this Denon, one of our top DJ’s can’t use the SCM right one… so we still have to rent Pioneer…

Hope to hear soon.



I would try to limit the number of songs that you’ll let the player convert at once.

If you’ll need to import that many songs I wouldn’t do this via the player but use a conversion tool that is available. I do know DECU is a working tool, not sure if rekordbuddy has already implemented this conversion tool.

Ok, thanks , will try to contact rekord buddy if they have this yet available ( have a license) , or else try the Decu software…

Only thing is, then we have to bring a laptop to every gig to get this converted for every CDJ DJ’s who plays that evening, and it would be nice if this would work as mentioned bij Denon on the Decks themselves…

Jay EaZy

The 5000s have loads of usb plugs so why not just tell the visiting DJs to split their thousands of music files over more than one usb pen stick. They could have 6000 files on each of three usb pens stuck in three usb plugs on the left 5000 and another 3 usb pens stuck on the right 5000 and that gives them 30000 tracks without having to risk any unapproved software