Rekordbox Import on Engine Prime?

While the SCs do a great job importing Rekordbox playlists, cues, and loops, the sort and search features don’t work until the files have actually been analyzed. I continue to have this complaint from CDJ users playing on my gear. It would be nice if I could import and analyze via the Engine Prime software on my laptop just like the SC5000s do. That way I’m not tying up a CDJ or analyzing on the fly. I could just ask them for their USB and do the necessary on my laptop which is generally available.

Thanks, Dave

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this is indeed a feature that a lot of us are waiting for and hopefully a number of other features in the Engine Prime update.

Rekordbuddy is working on a consversion from Rekordbox to Engine Prime not sure when this will be launched. Another conversion tool is DECU - Denon Conversion Utlility, this is working conversion tool, I do use it for some time now, it does meet my expectations. I still use Rekordbox as my main software, beatgrid, cue/loop settings and then convert my database to Engine Prime with DECU.

Maybe worth while to check out both 3rd party solutions, maybe there are even ore by now. Of course hope Denon will intergrate this conversion into Engine Prime so we don’t have to rely on 3rd party software.

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