Rekordbox and engine prime on one usb stick?


So if I buy these players and I let an other dj play on it with his usb stick, that has all record box info on it, will his record box info be overwritten, by engine prime software, or will they co exist. So his work will not be lost, for pioneer players.


Haven’t tried with the RB and Engine (not Prime) combination, but have with Mixvibes Cross and RB for example. And with regular Engine, Cross and RB. All works fine. The only things is that each will copy their tracks over. So if you have the same tracks in both environments, you will have two copies of it, one in RB and one in Engine. Changing something in one doesn’t touch the other.

Just be sure you have the stick formatted in Fat32 and that you don’t reformat the stick again after that.

Not quite sure where Prime leaves it analysis info for the tracks found on the RB stick though. Normally it should have it’s own “database” for that, so it should not overwrite any tags you’ve set in RB. That would be the one point where I’d want to make sure that nothing gets overwritten (like key info for example).


@DJ_Vintage: One of the early first looks posted (may be been Mojaxx if I remember correctly) said that a raw stick had an “Engine” folder added to the root directory after the player did its thing - so it’s likely that is where it is storing all database type info.

@Souldancer: I would suspect it would be fine, but at the same time, sticks are dirt cheap these days. Get duplicates and never have to worry about it.


+1 on the duplicates

That said, my 64GB Survivors are still 70 euro a pop, so … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello the RB database won’t be touched. Engine Prime builds its own database. If he would like to migrate/import his RB database to engine he can use the helpful app Rekord Buddy to convert formats.


Almost forgot about them, but yeah RekordBuddy is a good tool.


Ok thanks, yeah i got rekord buddy, but sometimes we got a guest dj, and i dont wanna switch up my set. So if i start with denon, i just want them to play on my set.