Rekordbox 5.8.6 USB - Import playlist to Notebook after playing set on SC 6000 not possible

Hi there, I‘m new here and switched from Cdjs to SC6000.

I have a problem with rekordbox. After playing my set on the SC6000 I put the usb-device into my notebook and rekordbox doesn‘t transfer and display the history. The normal way of the export mode in rbdj works by transfering the history after playing a set on a stick.

On the SC 6000 the history is displayed and the tracks are running, might be the EP Folder the reason? Rekordbox works fine with everything else like creating playlists, exporting music and playlists from the notebook to the stick or a large ssd, both devices are formated in FAT.

If you have a solution or a workaround, you can answer in german or english. Thank you for supporting me and sorry for my bad english.

Regards from Cologne. Frank

I don’t think it works like that my friend.

You can export your collection from RecordBox (RB) to be read in Engine Prime (EP) for collections playlists hotcues beat grids etc

I don’t think RB will understand the EP configuration to show history played on sc6000. RB needs to allow 3rd party gear to be read which won’t happen.

I could be wrong as I don’t use RB anymore and moved to EP but I’m 90% sure it’s one way RB to EP only.

Correct, any 2-way implementation would have to be done by Pioneer within Rekordbox, and the chance of that happening is exactly 0%.

Hi guys, thank you for your support! I started testing EP with a few plalists and works fine with the syncmanager, shows the history on my USB but doesn’t transfer the history back to EP on my Notebook. So I copied the tracks from the stick-history and created a plalist in EP. I have to figure out that problem or ask the Denon Dj Support directly. By the way, the history is limited up to 100 tracks.