Red tracks / Failed To Load Track

Hello, Firstable i precise that i have read the related topics, cannot find any solution.

My Engine collection does not show any red tracks, but when I sync my collection to my usb sticks, some tracks appears red and it says : failed to load track- file unavailable. I always used the same process to export my tracks, and i never move them once i put them into the software, so I don’t know why i have this problem. I tried formatting my usb sticks and export again, but i still have red tracks , and what is really weird is that it’s not the same tracks that turn red . It looks like its randomly choosing tracks…

Check the file names. I guess they have some special characters that the player don’t like / can’t play.

already did, everything is normal, there is no weird character

What is the name of the file? I don’t mean the meta data.

Special e character. Go into to rename and put a normal e in and all will be good.

didn’t know é was a special character, thanks!