Recording Vinyl

So I want to record my vinyl LP’s and create quality files. It sounds like the DS1 might be a great fit. I am not doing mobile DJ stuff anymore - so I have need for Serato. Can I just use the DS1 with my turntable and Audacity to do this?

Hi @nathanielbarry - Yes, the DS1 will accomplish this task but may be overkill. When you connect the DS1 to your computer (Audacity) you will see the audio device and two sets of stereo inputs.

Thank you so much! But why overkill? I have looked at other options and this seems like a good one - with the quality at 24 bit also. Is there something else?

Just the fact that you only need a single input and this offers two. It’s also bundled with Serato DJ, and Timecode records. The sound quality is excellent tho!

No, this is the only interface we offer that will accomplish what you’re looking to do.