Recording through the X1800 Prime

Hi All I have a MAC book with the latest version of Catalina 10.15.6. Is reaper the best audio program to record your set through the X1800? Other software recommendations would be great? Thx B

Rekordbox in the free, export mode. Traktor Pro if you have the licence Any other audio editing software that can access asio or core audio usb channels to record master on 9/10 ch.

Don’t bother trying to link up virtual deejay with usb channels - it’s really awkward, fussy, and follows no logic with its jargon

Not only can you record your mix from ch 9/10 you can, depending on your set up, record multi track into a daw.

GarageBand is a good program. I use it on my phone to record now. If it came with your Mac then that’s the fist program to try. I find it has more than enough for dj use.

@Wyley1: I wasn’t that far off about the other comment. Lol :nerd_face:


There are a lot of free daw software available now and they are a quantum leap over any audio editor and they carry way more tools and methods for recording and polishing.

Not only can you record audio but record almost everything you touch on the mixer provided that is midi mappable, as automation in the daw for later use. Just something to think about for people looking to record etc…

No worries :wink: