Recording sounding low on the Prime 4

Has anyone experienced that after a few times you have recorded a set, when you listen it back the audio is barely hearable. It’s a huge problem if you ask me…the first like 5 times the audio was perfect. But now when i recorded something, the volume is like the half lower…i hope this can be fixed with an update or something. I don’t think we need to use programs to make our recordings sound louder if we pay this price for an extremely ass kicking device! Don’t get me wrong, i love it…but that is an big issue for me


See above. Already a huge post on it my friend :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh sorry, missed that! :sweat_smile:

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Can we check it through Audio testfiles ?

I will check my device, too - and report my measures by giving the master out setting / gain setting on channel - and the rerecorded audio file from prime4 with internal recording.

Edit: So in my test I´ve done now, I come to this decision:

Master output has nothing to do with recording volume. It is fully even, if you set master to unity or to +10dB or whatever this scale presents.

All recordings internally have the same output volume, except of fader movements.

The only volume change you get in recording is by the channel gain and fader.

In my recording I set the channel gain to little bit over half ( the first white LED was lit with the test signal … what I think that should be 0dB)

Channel Gain Fader in full possition

Output was: -20dB

0_16.wav (968.1 KB) original file

recorded file with the settings from above:

recording file Test Wave.wav



Confirmed. The recording level on the P4 is waaaaaaaaaay too low. As pointed out by DjDark the when channel output is set to 0db the recording is coming back at -20db. The recording is just too close to the noise floor. This needs to be sorted out.

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There’s already several threads for this same observation. One of them is in the request section and can be voted for.


Thanks, I’ll go vote for it.

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Yes woefully quiet recording, the ability to adjust recording level is essential

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I have the same issue it records under 0db and I have to boost it up to hear the recording