Recording software

Hello just wanted to know what software you guys use for recording from the x1800 via usb to a laptop and can you adjust the recording level. Thanks

Audacity…plug in the usb cable and select the 9/10 channel… the gains adjust from the mixer in settings :slight_smile:


Sound Forge for years. Since it was from Sonic Foundry. :sunglasses:

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Do you use the usb output setting?

When I record, yes usb9/10. Works fine.

But another option I also use is the digital out to my RME interface. Matter of taste and freedom. :sunglasses:

Awesome thanks. Ive been using logic pro and theres no option to increase the recording level so i found the setting to increase the usb output level in the x1800 utilities. Do you think that setting affects sound quality? Thanks

If you keep it reasonable it should not matter.


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