Recording Mixes on SC 5000 / X1800

Hi guys. I’m new to the forum (not new to DJing!) I have recently changed my rider from Pioneer Nexus to full Denon Prime (why? Because it’s a game changer imo)

One reason for changing equipment was to eliminate as far as possible, need for laptops.

This may seem basic but can any assist me with the best way to record my mixes from my new gear? Have some potential gigs in the pipeline and need to get my newer tracks mixed.

Many thanks!
Si. DJ (Nu.Be)

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Tehnically best? Use a laptop w. recording software plugged into one of mixer’s USB ports.

Easiest? Plug a external recording device into record RCA outputs and keep your input line levels below 0db (that may be the most difficult part for Pioneer users).


Thanks for your response Slay

keep in mind that if you use the usb method your recording will not have the same sound as what comes out of the speakers because in that case you avoid the d/a conversion.

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Yes, he will get a better recording.

And by using the external recorder he also won’t get the “same sound” as what comes out of the speakers.

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I’m glad you replied :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On topic: If the external device has a coaxial input then it stays digital also, but usb would be the simplest and best solution. Even more, usb has the multi track option if needed.

i never said otherwise. this is just for his information.

oookay, let me rephrase for the nit pickers :roll_eyes:

what comes out of the speakers is of course defined by what’s between them and the mixer. what i meant is that by using usb he cuts off a part what comes out of the mixer unless of course he’d keep it digital further down along the way. and i’m quite sure you know what i meant in the first place.

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Before this I though I knew what you meant - now I don’t.

If the purpose of your first post was to imply that there is ANY OTHER REASON beside the practical ones to use the analog recording route (like: both usb ports taken by guest DJ’s, desire to not bring laptop/netbook into the DJ booth) and that he will miss something if he uses usb port for recording - then I must not just disagree but call bullshit.

You can call me a nitpicker if you wish, but talking about a tehnically superior way of recording (digital) you cannot use wording like “he cuts off a part” or “it will not have the same sound” because it implies exactly the opposite. Tehnically uninformed users then spread those words around without knowing what that exactly means.

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okay, one more try:

i just assumed Nu.Be would use the analog out of the mixer to connect to the next device. eq, some dsp … whatever it might be in his case. and if he does then the signal he passes on to the next device in his chain is different from what he gets from usb. that’s all.

The analog record output of the mixer is only one DA conversion further, so that won’t be very different.

I think SlayForMoney and I have the same “huh?” reaction. Why would one record after a processor for line arrays or whatever? It’s like stating that the output from the mixer is different from the recording made with a microphone on the dancefloor.

first and foremost the additional info was for Nu.Be and since his question was very basic i added something that’s also very basic might be obvious to others. if he knows that already even better, no harm done.

either way i see no reason for defending myself in front of your fantasy tribunal. like it or not, posts here don’t need your approval.

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Okay now there is no tribunal here. It’s only about giving the right information. For me, your post made it a little bit more complex after Slays answer, but please don’t hold back on this forum!!

There’s a lot of information relating to DJing and audio etc. Some of it is great, general, widely generic knowledge and proven rule of thumb etc…some knowledge can be extremely specific to the way a particular model of gear does something in a way that’s different to the normal, or majority of gear.

Some answers will sway between tried and tested knowledge. Some answers will seem wrong, but might be right in specific situations (for example some mixers will record Post EQ, others Pre-EQ, some offer the user the choice is their presets, menus or front panel buttons.

There will also be situations where different members of this community have differing opinions.

In such situations, the original poster/question asker WINS, as then they have two or more answers to try out for themselves.

Overall, please please please keep on giving possible answers and opinions but remember that other opinions and answers may still help the original poster.

(I’ve removed some d!$gu!$ed swear words from the above topic as per forum guidelines.)

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Thanks for the help guys. Certainly don’t want people falling out over what is essentially my problem.

Without sounding conceited, I’m a decent DJ (tech house, Nu Disco etc) but admittedly I’m pretty poor on the technical side, hence the question.

I’ve borrowed a Tascam SS CD-R 200 audio recorder.

NOW, if I could just figure out how to work it!!

Apparently John Digweed uses this bad boy to record his mixes on when playing out -

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I beg to differ on this one. It’s TWO DA (well specifically a DA and an AD conversion) stages. Assuming that he’ll eventually want a digital recording (and not good old audio tape, Maxell XLII anyone?), he’d have analogue output going into a recording device that would then convert back to digital.

So I agree with those saying the -technically- best way to record from the X1800 would be by a USB-connected laptop and software (does the X1800 come with something like Cubase LE?). Using the digital out is also an option, be sure to check the settings for it being pre-master! as you don’t want the level of your master to influence your recording level, right?!

The Tascam OP mentions has digital input (coaxial), so in his case I’d go for digital output from mixer set to pre-master and into the Tascam digital in. Best of both worlds, no extra conversions and no laptop.

I assumed he would connect al SC’s digitally. The digital coax and analog record is one DA apart from each other, but yes his soundcard will AD again. :wink:

I use the X1800 only at home, so my master is fixed and will not change (because I have another broadcast mixer in the chain), but you are right that the coax out is probably not pre-master, but linked to master.

According to the manual you can set the coax out to pre- or post-master. Just not sure which is default.

Digital Link is default set to off, I thought.

It would be easy to check, not like there is a zillion combinations to try :stuck_out_tongue: