Recording issues from X1850

Hi there,

I’ve recently got a set of Denon SC6000s and an X1850. I’ve been working on trying to record from the mixer over USB and I’m having some issues. I’m using Windows 10 and Audacity currently. Essentially the issues I’ve been having is getting skipping in the recording (not consistently but enough to ruin a few seconds of a mix). I’ve tried 48kHz (both 32 and 16 bit), 96kHz (both 32 and 16 bit). Anyone else had any issues like this? If you have advice on audacity and windows settings for the X1850 that would be great.

Worth checking the Latency settings if there is one.

@mufasa ive tried various settings from -160 to -2000

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I’m out of suggestions.

Did you try

  • different USB cable,

  • Different USB socket,

  • Different X1850 usb out

Sounds like swapping the mixer port may have solved it. That’s quite disappointing!

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