Recording a live stream with X 1800 mixer / SC5000s & Serato DJ

Hi Guys

I have 2 questions. One regarding live stream audio quality and the other regarding the prime set up with Serato DJ Pro.

Firstly, I would just like to find out what is the best way of live streaming audio to Instagram live from the X1800 mixer directly into an iPhone XS? Would I require an audio interface from the RCA unbalanced master / record / or balanced XLR from the master? Or could I use the sound card straight from the X-1800 mixer via USB out 1 or 2 on the mixer straight into the phone?

How I have connected my set up:

I have connected the mixer to my 2 x SC 5000 Prime Players. I am running Serato DJ Pro full license with MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017 model. I am not running the Mac OS Catalina operating system as yet.

Step 1. I have the X1800 mixer connected via USB 1 out of the X1800 mixer into my MacBook Pro via the QDOS Powerlink USB C hub [into USB3 (1)] in HID mode. I am using the black USB Hi Speed Cable (is this USB 2?)

Step 2. I then connect SC5000 (1) from USB out on the SC5000 into the USB 3 (2) port of the QDOS Powerlink USB C Hub of the MacBook Pro. Again, I am using the black USB Hi Speed Cable (is this USB 2?)

Step 3. As the QDOS Powerlink hub USB C only has 2 USB ports , I then connect SC 5000 player 2 to player 1 from USB out on player 2 into the back of SC 5000 player 1’s USB in (number 2) port. (Daisy Chain with the black USB cable again).

Would it be possible in this regard to connect and receive incoming audio out from the USB (2nd port) on the X1800 mixer into the iPhone via a USB to to lightning port adapter? Or is this just used for recording purposes into the MacBook Pro in Audacity for example?

Also, I am having an issue with the audio quality of the tracks when connected to Serato DJ Pro the way I have it connected above. The audio of tracks seems to be sticking slightly. Also the album artwork gets stuck on one album artwork on the one SC 5000 on the Centre of the jog wheel when changing tracks? Is there a difference between the high speed black USB cables and the blue USB cables that come with the Prime players and X1800 mixer? I am using the black ones. Could this be the issue? Is it ok to Daisy chain the 2 SC5000’s?

Is the sound quality output (and recording) of the SC 5000s / X1800 mixer in the stand alone mode using USB / SD cards / Tidal better than using Serato DJ Pro with MacBook Pro?

I know this is a long explanation but have to state how I have connected the players and mixer with Serato DJ Pro.

I am running version 1.4.1 on both my SC 5000’s and version 1.2 on my X 1800 mixer.

I am also running the latest version of Serato DJ Pro, 2.3.3.

My MacBook Pro is running macOs Mojave 10.14.6.

I am loving my Prime set up though! Works great with Serato DJ otherwise!


Regards Sheldz

Serato recommends that mixers & audio interfaces are connected directly to the laptop for stable performance.

I know this may not be possible with Macbook Pro 13 that has only 2 USB C ports.

You may want to consider a Thunderbolt 3 dock

something like

This bypasses the USB Bus or something.

Could be the USB hub or latency in Serato.

Are you using Pitch N Time in Serato?

Whats the spec of the Macbook pro? RAM, CPU?

The USB ports on the X1800 looks like USB 2.0

Was that the USB cable you were supplied with?

The SC5000/M have USB 3.0 ports on the rear, why are you not using the blue USB cable that it came with.

USB 3.0 looks like this

Not that i have noticed. If going by the discussed to death topic of high end roll off, then perhaps Serato may even sound better than playing on the Primes. But like i said, they sound the same to me and they sound good both at home and at venues with EV + Crown and Void Acoustics sound systems

Have you considered OBS?