Record Out volume for recording to Evermix

Hello all - New to Denon and the forum and hoping to get some advice please.

I have recently purchased an Evermix box and have recorded a couple of mixes using the record out options on the back of the mixer.

The issue I have is that the output volume is low, and so my mixes are recording very quiet.

Is there a way to adjust the record out volume?

Ive tried increasing the master volume and gains but Im peaking the levels (in the blue) and this sounds awful on my speakers, and gives me no room for quiet tracks.

Has anyone used booth out to record a mix?

If you have an iPhone/pad then you can record via usb.

What software are you recording with?

Im using the evermix software on my samsung phone. Id like to know if you can adjust the record out volume.

The record out is a set gain stage based off of the main output.

Correct - however Im looking to understand it the record output can be adjusted independently of the master & gains.

It can’t. The record out is set.

However the software that you use to record with should be able to raise the gain.

Does your phone recognize the mixer if you plug it in usb?

Thanks for the reply - I suspected this was the case.

My phone does not recognise the mixer, as the mixer plugs into the Evermix 4 box, and this is essentially a soundcard.

There is no obvious way to raise the the gain in the software however I have asked the question of the Evermix support team.

There’s tons of freeware that can do this.

Free software that can adjust the record out volume? Great - thats what Im looking for. Can you please make a recommendation or share a link please?

It adjusts the volume of the file after you record. There’s just too many programs that do it to post all the links. Just do a google search for software that normalizes an audio file.

Take a look here.

I’m not an android user but if I were one the first apps I would look at are the daws.

It’s unfortunate that apple has a near monopoly on audio/midi+ apps for their smartphones and tablets.

Thanks - I’ll try this for my most recent mix and see how I get on.